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Kimberly E.M. Beasley a gifted Speaker and Spiritual teacher whose mission is to aid individuals in developing a better quality of life by building and strengthening their spirituality and consciousness of God. The desired result of authentic self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-worth, self-reliance, being effective and productive in all areas of life. Her methodology for achieving this is through literary works, lectures, workshops, conferences, study groups, blog, etc. Her desire is to see individuals thrive in their personal/familial lives.

Living with the chronic autoimmune disease Lupus w/Myositis, Kimberly is no stranger to struggle. As if Lupus wasn’t enough, also in 2013 she was diagnosed with an extremely rare cancer. To date I am happy to say her Lupus is controlled and her cancer is in remission. Her husband describes her as intelligent, beautiful and resilient.

Kimberly is a traditional woman with steadfast faith in God. She attributes her overcoming ability to her faith in God, love for herself, coupled with the love and support from her family.

At the core of her beliefs she loves truth, practices justice and pursues righteousness.


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