Revelations Of My Heart

cropped-5x8frontback1.jpgThis book was inspired over 17 years ago and the vision has finally come to past. Everything that I was inspired to write over the years has fit perfectly together in this compilation. I can’t take credit for all of this, I was the vessel used but life and God definitely fostered these words. God has truly determined all my steps. He has preserved these works based on my life’s experiences for this appointed time.
So many times my husband has said that I should do something with my writing. He has been one of my biggest fans. I have always enjoyed writing and secretly wanted to write a book but truth be told I was really afraid of possible rejection. It wasn’t until I was faced with some life altering events in 2013, I decided no longer will I be concerned about other people accepting me nor pleasing them any longer. A cancer diagnosis will definitely get you to reevaluate your life’s purpose and mission. I realized that I had devoted many years to people pleasing and forgot all about me.
It was a bitter pill to swallow when I was diagnosed with cancer and all the people I thought would be there to support me weren’t there. I realized that I expected them to respond how I would have responded had it been one of them battling a potentially fatal disease. I felt abandoned in more ways than one. My life was spiraling out of control and it was nothing I could do about it. I was wounded by some of those who claimed to have loved me so much.
Instead of focusing on and picking those wounds; I opened my heart to forgiveness and the love that had been strategically placed around me. I noticed how prayers that I had prayed several years prior had been answered. I saw relationships that I desired being cultivated and some aspects of others end. I had no idea of the blessing that would come from what seemed to be such a disaster. God knew exactly what I needed at that time in order to comfort me and I found solace with my pad and pen. The pressures of life pushed me to pull out old journals of poetry and pressed me to push my pen. The outcome was “Revelations Of My Heart”.
In “Revelations Of My Heart”, Love is the central theme and it is an intimate collection of poems, prayers, notes and quotes. Every word was inspired by my life experiences, special people in my life and the love I withheld from myself. I’ve learned that the way I treat myself is the only way I really can treat others anything else is deceptive. I couldn’t love my fellow man as myself because I withheld love from myself. I am no longer deceptive and I’m not ashamed or afraid of my truth. “Revelations of my heart” has given me courage to be who I am; Nothing more, nothing less. My experiences no longer define me, I have finally defined myself!
My desire is that you are able to visualize the passages that I’ve penned and find hope throughout the journey.


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