Don’t Stop Believing!

Things may seem bleak right now and trouble looming all around

Don’t Stop Believing!

When you feel like your problems encapsulate you

Find the strength inside to pull yourself through

No matter what you decide to do

Don’t Stop Believing!

Believe that things will be alright

No matter how cold and dark the night

God will always provide you guiding light

Don’t Stop Believing!

When you’ve done the best you could do

And all they see is the worst in you

When your family and friends seem to have forsaken you

Don’t Stop Believing!

Believe that every storm has an end

Believe that every sea has a shore

When all you can see is the great blue wide

And the tears that blind and flood your eyes

Believe that there is a reason to be

Believe in that spark of hope that only your soul can see

That ray of sunshine peeking through your misery

Stop pressuring yourself to be all they think you should be

Concentrate on being You…Authentically

There is hope, There is light

Stay on course, fight through your plight

No matter what comes your way

Things always turn out right

It’s your choice, It’s up to you

Don’t Stop Believing!

By: Kimberly E.M. Beasley

Be Encouraged…Be Blessed…Be Enriched…Be Authentically You!


Who Is Hunny Child?

Leah, Janie and Cheryl…
The names I taste that are honey sweet
Passionate, Candid and Mystique
just a few of their attributes that comprise me
Who is Hunny Child?
Bold, Fragrant, yet Meek
Not weak but strength personified
Who is Hunny Child?
The life sweetener, the truth teacher,
the pain killer, the joy filler
The heart regulator, abler
Hunny Child…let me tell you
Who Hunny Child is…
She loves truth, practices justice, and pursues righteousness
The hinges of her mouth opens by wisdom
The words she speak are raw…
In the freshest form
She is versatile and can help bring goodness to every aspect of life
She is delectable and refined
She is timeless, honorable, understanding and knowledgeable
Hunny Child is like Love
Leah, Janie and Cheryl…My Mothers!